Revising Homes and

Revitalizing Lives!

We organize and simplify spaces

so you can spend less time cleaning up clutter

and more time doing what you love.

Custom. Functional. Sustainable.

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You may be feeling anxious and frustrated.

  • Has meal planning and grocery shopping got you stressed out because you don't know what is in your pantry?

  • Does setting up your home work station got you stuck?

  • Is your garage a hot mess?

  • Do you need help setting up learning stations for your kids that are attending at home learning?

You deserve a home that brings you peace of mind.

Are you ready to get relief from the burden of clutter and disorganization in your home?


Steps to get Revised:

Rebecca Thomas, Home Organizer| Owner

I understand the chaos and clutter that comes with running a household. With three sons and years of practice, I have experienced countless opportunities to organize and declutter rooms and spaces in our home. I have come to appreciate what a great organizing system can do to run a happy home and I love sharing the benefits with you.

Our all-inclusive services include custom, functional, and sustainable organizing systems to fit your style., what space are you ready to Revise?

*At Revise Organizing we believe your living space ought to be your favorite place! 

Steps to get Revised!


 Get on the schedule for a consult. We will ask you a few questions to learn more about your organizing needs and goals.


I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

We will listen and discuss your goals for your space. Then submit a plan of

action for the completion of the project. Rest assured none of your belongs will be let go of without your permission.


The fun part! This is when the transformation happens. We will organize your belongings through containment and labeling in a manner that fits your style. 

  Download our free guide.

5 Simple Steps to

Organize ANY Space! 

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