Games, puzzles, Legos, toy cars, action figures. What do they all have in common? If you said creativity, imagination, and smiling. I say, YES! But no, not in this situation. I am thinking of the storage and cleanup.

Home is our sanctuary. Our place to live, laugh, love, and play. With most of us home all day every day working hard not to lose patience while doing ALL THE THINGS, such as school lessons, creative activities, working from home on top of that all your typical day to day chores and activities. I want to share a few helpful game/ puzzle storage options to help with consolidating your space. I know in our home, and even though our kids are older, we have added new puzzles and games to our already extensive collection in the past several months.

Three things to consider if you are ready to revise your game/puzzles/Legos and more.

1. Do you want to store the items in one location, or would it serve the family better to have a few in a couple of places? For example, the family/adult board games are in the family room, but the games for elementary age kids are in the playroom?

2. What are you ready to pass along? Items that your kids/family have outgrown or haven’t played in several years is a great way to start.

3. Are the items in a location that works for the family members that are using it? For example, how will a 4-year-old get to their puzzles if they are stored on the top shelf of a closet?

There are two storage solutions that I want to share.