Becca did an amazing job at organizing my pantry! Not only did she completely transform my pantry to something I love going to each day, she also helped us come up with a process to keep our pantry clean and organized that works for our family. She was well prepared and professional!


Becca did such an amazing job in our kitchen. Where there was chaos and disorder is now a functional space to prepare meals and a feeling of calm and order. The entire experience was great and was not a “cookie-cutter” approach. She took the time to really get to know us, and understand our needs. She presented us with a plan to meet our needs and even challenged our bad habits. She executed the plan perfectly and left us with so many great tips and ideas. She has truly inspired us to stay organized and to work on organizing other spaces in our home. I believe our closet is next! Thank you, Becca!


This has been such a wonderful experience! I wish I had thought to have help years ago. We have been getting a house ready to sell. Someone could use this service to get ready for a holiday, guests, or a general reorganize and declutter. I have received so many compliments. the house feels better, is easier to clean, and I have less allergies. Rebecca is professional, efficient, and discrete. Thank you, Rebecca!


Revise Home Organizing met and exceeded my expectations. Becca and Kara were very low key and respected my space and feelings. They were totally non-intrusive. My goal was to make my kitchen more functional and tidy. I find that cooking and cleanup is so much easier, far less stressful. We are seniors who would like to stay in our home. Organizing our home will be a positive step in that direction. Thanks, Becca for all your help.




I have a small home bakery, so my pantry is overflowing with cookie cutters and sprinkles. I thought my pantry was as organized as it was ever going to be, but Becca at Revise came in, worked her organizing magic, and my pantry is now not only more functional, but it is also beautiful! I can't recommend Revise enough!


Rebecca was so helpful in organizing my home! She went room-by-room with me and the changes she made really made a world of difference. I will definitely use Revise Organizing again in the future! 


Now that Rebecca has brought order and logic to the organization of our public library's staff craft closet, I don't know how we ever found anything in there before! What once was somewhat haphazard due to busy schedules and much use is now a beautifully streamlined space. It not only helps me find the supplies I need for a project at work but makes it easy to put things back in their places and keep things organized for good.


Revise worked their magic in our craft space and storage spaces. We have lots of stuff and staff, Becca was able to consider how each person would use different objects and what would be the most effective way to use and store all our craft supplies, activities, and games. She then came up with an ingenious way to make sure we stayed on track and could find everything. The transformation has brought ease and joy to our work!"