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Baskets are an item for me that is right up there with soft, comfy yarn. Two treasured items combined together, and you make my heart swoon- Beautiful! Baskets can be very useful to live in an organized home.

I thought I’d share a few ideas that are ecstatically pleasing, as well as helpful:

Family Entry Way- A small basket to collect keys, wallets, glasses, and watches. This alleviates the “I can’t find my…” frustration. I say the family entry way because sometimes the main entry into your home is not how the family enters the home. At our house we come and go through the garage entrance and a small basket sits on the counter closest to that door for glasses and wallets.

Entry Way Basket

Kitchen Counter- Any shape to hold cloth/paper napkins. This looks nice, provides easy access, and keeps the over use of paper towels to a minimum.

Family Room Coffee Table- To keep the television remotes together. You may have several remotes and having one location is a time saver. If gaming takes place in this location, I suggest a separate gaming controller basket. This keeps me from embarrassing myself by trying to change the channel with a Nintendo controller. Choose baskets that can fit under the table if you’re wanting a cleaner look or needing to use the table for family game night, puzzle building, or snacking.

Strategic Clutter Catcher- Can be square or rectangular. This is one of my favorites. It has been a great help in our home. By placing a strategic basket on a lower stairs step, I drop items in it throughout the day. Then, as part of my night time routine I return the items to their designated locations. This helps keep clutter away and allows for a quick pick-up at the end of the day.

Strategic Clutter Catcher

Bathroom- Small counter-top basket. For years we had a small metal container in the main floor half-bathroom. It held things for our boys that they would take care of before running out of the house like deodorant, the beloved Axe body spray, and combs. With my great wisdom, I thought if I eliminated the basket and moved the items to the boy’s bathroom, the problem would be solved. Yes, foolish. Needless to say, a basket has been returned to this location to contain the last-minute hygiene needs.

Family Room Blankets- Rectangular, oval or round. When it’s family movie time or a football game is on, we love our blankets; but the rest of the time they are folded and stacked in an oval basket. Another option is rolling the blankets. I do not like collections of throw blankets over the couch back or stacked on the arms. The reason is, this room is second to the kitchen as the hub of the house and keeping a comforting, relaxed feeling includes a clear and clean couch.

Family Room Blankets

As an organizer, I often suggest clear containment. I believe if you see it you will use it. But these situations call for a bit of added beauty, texture, and personal style.

There are endless ways to utilize baskets in your home. I would love to hear how you enjoy using baskets. Try a few of these ideas and let me know how they work for you!

Organizing and smiling,




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