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Three become Four!

Well, it was bound to happen I suppose… After much talk and consideration, the Hubby and I decided little Ben needed a sibling. To give our sweet boy a baby brother or sister to play and grow up with, dote on and eventually fight with seemed like the best thing we could do for our little family. Plus, I couldn’t wait to have those tiny, baby snuggles again!

So, here we are. I’m 7 months pregnant in the lovely month of August (could it be any hotter?) and counting down the days until Bebe Girl makes her debut.

But before she can arrive, there’s a few things this list-making-momma of hers has simply GOT to get done first-

1. Pull out all of the newborn clothes from big brother and determine what we should actually keep for her (I don’t think she’ll appreciate me dressing her in all the trucks, dinosaur, and “Cool Dude” onesies we had for her brother).

2. Wash all newborn clothes, blankets, bedding, burp cloths, covers, etc. I think I washed all those things before putting in storage, but it won’t hurt to give everything a nice wash and this can easily be done while big brother is napping

3. Speaking of all those things in storage, we should probably pull out the other baby equipment we stored and make sure it still works, change batteries, check for any set-in baby vomit stains decaying the material, etc.

4. Determine where we will put all of said baby things, where she will sleep, and how to store her clothes. We will have a Pac & Play on the main floor of the house where she can snooze. I highly recommend one of these if you have multiple levels in your home! They are so fancy these days with a changing pad area, diaper/wipe storage spot, and some even have fancy mobiles and rockers. Second hand stores are a great spot to find one.

5. Stock your freezer! We did this with baby number one and it was seriously a lifesaver so I can only imagine how helpful it’s going to be with a second kiddo. Do a Pinterest search for freezer meals and you will get a grocery list of everything you need and the recipes. Most are crock-pot dump dinners, but also think about making your favorite lasagna or breakfast casserole. Or, whenever you’re making dinner in the last month, double the recipe and put half in the freezer. The last thing anyone wants to do is get off the couch and make dinner when there’s all those baby snuggles to get in!

6. Finally, plan a “Treat Yourself Day” and a date night out with Daddy. Once this new babe arrives, you will not have time to pamper yourself for a while. And one dinner out with Daddy before the madness comes will do you both a bit of good ;)

Those are my top priorities this time around. Soooo much different that the first time (just like that diaper commercial) but really, as long as you have a safe place for baby to sleep and patience, the love will overflow your heart and everything will fall into place.


Kara Connolly



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