Spring Cleaning is the hot topic of organizers this time of year. Rightfully so, Spring symbolizes new life. Plants, trees and fields begin to grow and blossom and it is a great time to revise and edit our homes through cleaning and decluttering. It is rejuvenating on many levels.

I have been procrastinating on writing this blog post for weeks. I did intend on writing about spring cleaning and organizing but I am going to share some personal struggles that I am working on.

First of all, I find spring to be glorious. I begin to feel the weight of the winter months shedding. But often in winter I find myself tucking in like a turtle, wanting to hide from day to day interactions. That includes our home, but painfully also includes family and friends. And yet, I tend to live in a bit of distress each winter.

I have been feeling the need to revise myself so I no longer feel that chronic winter struggle. So, I have decided to ask myself some questions and figure out, who do I want to be? How do I want my husband, sons, family and friends to think of me? Not as an unhappy, unavailable, crabby person. Maybe, part of it is turning 50 this year, or a 26-year marriage, or witnessing my children become adults, or watching my parents and the beauty and hardships that aging entails.

Isn’t lif