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Back to School!

Summer is not over yet, but it is time to start preparing. If you desire help, we are ready with tips and strategies to help you transition into the new school year. Success is there for the making, if YOU are ready to take some action.

Easing back into routines is key. We recommend you start practicing two weeks before the 1st day of school. It is much easier to get those kinks in the schedules worked out now, instead of when there’s homework to do, after school activities starting up, and everyone is just down right tired and frustrated.


Set aside some time for the kids to try on their clothes. While you are determining if the clothes still fit and/or are worn out, start a donation pile. Have a basket on hand to collect those items that are no longer of use to them. Make of list of the new items that are needed for shopping day.

You have permission to let go of those zany and odd pieces that Aunt Lucy gave her nieces and nephews. She will not mind (or know). She would rather you live in a happy clutter free home.


Start limiting screen time. Set a time to have devices turned off and turned over to you. This might be a difficult task to undertake. Be strong. YOU GOT THIS. Better now than when homework is in the mix, or it will get ugly.


Eating on a schedule/routine will also benefit the back to school transition. I understand you may not know the exact time school lunch will take place but a structured time of eating for each meal will help assist with the problems of “hangry” before school begins.


Morning, after-school, and bedtime routines will make life less stressful and getting started now will give you greater peace of mind when school is under way:

1. Gradually get the kids up a bit earlier during the week until you have reached the time needed to be ready on a school day.

2. Do a few morning practice runs to determine how long it takes for the morning routines to get done and to successfully have the kids out the door on time.

3. When does the bus come? How long does it take to walk to the bus stop? Or when does the carpool arrive? How long is the drive to school?

4. Same with bedtime. How long is the night time process to get everything done and get the kiddos to bed at the desired time? Get this nailed down so it’s not a fight once school starts.

Practice doesn’t make perfect but it sure helps.

Download one or all three of our free Daily Routine Check Lists.

Paper Chain - Back to School Countdown

Create a list of all the important tasks to be addressed before school begins. Next, put them in the order that you would like them completed from day 14 - 1.

Remember making a paper chain as a kid? Cut paper into strips, glue one into a circle, add a strip through the hole and glue. I know you remember this. ;)

Each child has their respective list and writes down one task per chain link. Example, chain labeled #14 – Try on your clothes; chain labeled #13 – Walk with dad to the bus stop with a timer; chain labeled #8 - Get backpack out, check for holes and trash; chain labeled #6 - Go to Back to School Night. You get the idea. So, each morning your child tears off the highest numbered link to learn their daily task to help get all the things done and to make this THE BEST SCHOOL YEAR EVER!

We will be sharing more ideas on Instagram and future blog posts. If you have any questions or ideas to share please leave us a message.

Organizing and smiling,


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