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I would like you to think of this space as a place of inspiration. I will share projects, ideas that I am working on or have experienced. Life with 3 grownish sons, a funny loving husband and a cat -who leaves demands and lyrics on an eraser board has been an interesting wonderful life that has led to many organizational opportunities.

Some may say I’m a chronic, habitual, no... how about a serial organizer. It’s true. My mom on more than a few occasions has said to me, “So what are we changing today?” My husband, “You moved the furniture around again.” Organizing is like a puzzle (I love puzzles) that I cannot help but want to improve upon. I love a challenge. And no, your house will not be the worst I’ve seen. Even if it was, I don’t care. Challenge accepted!

My story evolves from not just home and work organizing experiences but from a powerful life changing experience. I had recently been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I’m now living cancer free, in that process I struggled with health difficulties and doctors who were not listening to my concerns. What I learned in a huge life lesson is I am my greatest advocate! I can believe in myself, stand up for myself and go get what I desire. For years before this experience I only joked about the idea with a couple (also serial organizers) friends about starting a organizing business. This was a powerful transformation experience! Who or what am I waiting for became a continual internal conversation. A friend (who is one of my greatest cheerleaders and serial organizer) sent me an example of a mother looking for organizational help. No, I didn’t go for this job but it did give me the final push I needed to move forward. With the support of my wonderful husband and good friends Revise has become my passion.

Just as you will get to know me over time, I am looking forward to getting to know you and hear your story.

My hope is that the Life Revised blog will inspire and challenge you through:

· Home organizing projects

· Organization ideas for families and children

· How to clean out the clutter

· Examples of how decluttering and organizing can transform your life

Thank you for visiting Life Revised! I am excited to share this adventure with you.

Organizing and smiling,




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