Oh, my gourd, I love fall! Yes! My favorite time of year. Time for pumpkin spice muffins, yummy chili, a good book, and cozy sweaters. Don't forget, cheesy scary movies. So good!

It's also that time to winterize the yard, cut back the designer grasses, clean out the garden, and the list goes on. I can say that I love to weed the yard. I do. I find it satisfying, a stress reducer, and work out.

With that said, it is time to winterize your family. Set the family up to find what they need for cold weather. Let's talk about revising the coat closet. Last week the coat closet was on my list, with colder weather on the horizon. It is an excellent time to reset that heaver coats to the front of the closet and the lighter weight and hoodies to the back. By the front of the closet, I refer to the section that you see first when opening the door. The other items pushed out of the